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Blackfoot Education Foundation

The purpose for which the Blackfoot School District No. 55 Education Foundation (BEF) is formed and functions is to provide support for School District No. 55 schools, its faculty and students, and to promote, sponsor and carry out educational objectives with School District No. 55 schools.
  • ​Each year, BEF awards scholarships to benefit Blackfoot graduates. Scholarship awards are funded from interest on an initial $50,000 estate donation.
  • Each year, BEF awards grants to classrooms and schools. Grand awards are funded from yearly/monthly donations by community members and educators. Blackfoot school district Employees can use a payroll deduction to make their monthly donations.
  • Anyone can contribute to the BEF! Contributors can designate which school or program receives the donation.
  • Blackfoot School District Educators can apply for classroom or school grants to support educational efforts.
  • All contributors benefit by receiving state and federal tax deductions and state tax credits. Contributions are recognized by a thank you letter that can be used when you file your taxes.
  • Please check with your personal accountant for tax advice. Tax laws vary each year.
If you are a teacher and want to apply for a classroom or school grant, you can access the application from HERE.

In order to donate to the Blackfoot Education Foundation:
  • District employees can contact Matt Noble or Misty Law to have payroll deductions for BEF donations.
  • One-time donation forms to BEF can be accessed HERE.
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